what we do

We bring commercializing power to fashion, in a way that keeps it fresh.

At Thread Collective, all we do is focused on the consumer. We work with our partners to produce functional and forward-looking apparels at an accessible price point. As a global industry player with headquarters in Montreal, we make a point of recognizing our responsibilities in the communities we work in. We seize every opportunity and move quickly to make fashion better and remain ahead of the curve, up to the last thread. 

our values

Independent spirit

We have a strong, adventurous, creative and entrepreneurial spirit that makes us see things differently.


We stand for what we believe in, stay true to our word and are driven to find our own way, transparently and honestly.


We are a strong team that recognizes our long-term global responsibilities to our partners, consumers, each other, and the world we live in. As a global fashion business we use our influence as a force for good.

our pillars

Commerciality: Commercialization with integrity.

Responsible sourcing, honest and transparent relationships, innovative solutions and rigorous attention to detail aimed at achieving an excellent quality, speed-to-market and sustainability relationship.

Desirability: Relentless pursuit of what’s next.

We put the consumer at the center of our world, ensuring that our clothing interprets future fashion trends and matches them to individual tastes – to deliver the functional performance, timeliness, quality and aesthetics critical for success at an accessible price point.

Adaptability: We’re in this for the long-term.

Having a strategic focus and a keen eye on the markets in our fast-moving, trend-driven sector enables us to spot challenges and opportunities that allows us to readily adapt to the ever-changing global fashion environment and prevents it being a guessing game.

our personality


Think big. Hate mediocrity. Seek breakthroughs. Be brave. Be adventurous. Step off the path. Defy convention. See what others can’t. Explosive drive. Contagious energy. Collaborative spirit. Ability to adapt.


We are an ingenious team with a can-do attitude and a hands-on ability to make things work. A belief that anything is possible, the capacity to make more from less, with ideas that challenge the expected.


Obsessed with the end goal. Never slaves to process. Decisiveness tempered by the knowledge that radical shits happen.

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